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Candy Crush Saga sequel gets smartphone release

The sequel to the massively popular mobile game Candy Crush Saga has launched today across iOS and Android platforms and is likely to eat up just as much time (and money) as the original.

Candy Crush Soda Saga uses the same freemium model as its predecessor, but introduces a host of new features to keep some of the more experience players entertained.

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The first title came out in late 2012 and soon gained mass popularity and millions of users. The game was confirmed as the most downloaded iOS app for 2013 and has approximately 350 million monthly users.

Candy Crush Soda Saga mostly sticks to the same formula that has seen the series become such as hit, with players attempting to match and combine candies to clear the board’s various sweets. New challenges have been introduced, however, such as clearing sweets to release gummi bears and soda that turns the playing environment upside-down.

There are currently more than 140 levels for users to tackle at launch, and its likely that developer King will continue to add more levels every few weeks.

Another feature that has been retained from the original Candy Crush Saga is the freemium business model responsible for a large proportion of the app’s revenue. After just a few games, users will be informed that they have to either a wait a set period of time, request extra lives from their Facebook friends, or start dipping into their bank accounts to continue.

More patient fans of the game might be content to wait out their enforced break, but many users will feel compelled to spend in order to keep playing.

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Candy Crush Soda Saga launched on mobile platforms today after the Facebook version was made available earlier in the year.