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Daredevil reaches record 207mph on modified bicycle

French cyclist Francois Gissy rode a rocket-equipped bicycle at the Circuit Paul Ricard racetrack near Marseille on Tuesday, and achieved a staggering top speed of 207mph.

"It's extremely intense, that's why it's a real feat,” he told the BBC after the race.

The Frenchman needed just 4.8 seconds to accelerate to top speed, riding on a modified bicycle designed by Gissy’s friend Arnold Neracher.

The aptly-named Kamikaze 5 is completely stripped, leaving basically just a rocket with a saddle, which is enough of a challenge for any daredevil to try and ride.

This model uses concentrated hydrogen peroxide as fuel and silver as a catalyst, thus generating heat and water that is expelled as steam through a rocket nozzle, creating thrust.

But the tires haven’t even cooled down yet and Gissy is already thinking about pushing the speed up to 250mph.

To get there, he’ll need a sponsor and a lot of wind-tunnel testing, "you have to have perfect balance, otherwise the bicycle will be airborne - it can flip over," he said.

The daredevil will also need a different bicycle. The next model, nicknamed Spine Crusher, is already being designed and will require a mix of hydrogen peroxide and kerosene, a mixture that would produce a lot of noise and three meters of flame.

"It would be more expensive to build, but once it's built the fuel would cost less because it would consume about half the amount of hydrogen peroxide," Mr Gissy said.