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Dutch man finds 'handy' way to access his Bitcoin wallet

A Dutch enterpreneur, Martijn Wismeijer, has implanted two near-field communication (NFC) chips in his hands, allowing him to store and spend digital currencies such as Bitcoin straight from his fingertips.

Martijn Wismeijer is the founder of, a company that installs and operates Bitcoin ATMs in his home town of Amsterdam, as well as the rest of Europe.

He also uses the chips for other applications, such as programming an alarm clock. In the future, he plans on installing an NFC-enabled door lock, meaning he will never need to remember his house keys again.

The chips can be read by different devices and smartphones such as the Apple iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy 5.

They are 12mm by 2mm in size, meaning the implanting procedure is not a painless experience and the effects can be felt for a day or two. The chip can store 888 bytes of information.

“Most doctors will not want to install the implant so a body manipulation artist (preferably not just tattoo artist or piercer) will be your next best bet, but make sure they work according to strict hygiene codes and know what they are doing,“ said Wismeijer.

He also noted that these chips are vulnerable to hacker attacks and that it's of vital importance to encrypt them, especially when you're using it as a payment method such as Bitcoin.