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CA World 2014: In the App Economy businesses can ‘lose a customer in just 3 seconds’

Every application must deliver a flawless experience if it wants to succeed in a world where users have zero tolerance for buggy or poorly-designed software, according to CA Technologies CEO Mike Gregoire.

Speaking at the CA World event in Las Vegas Gregoire claimed that customers decide whether they will use an app long-term in just three seconds – sometimes before it has even finished downloading.

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He explained that user priorities have changed and businesses must catch up by building a future driven by software.

“We now live in a world where customers are no longer just loyal to the brand or product or service,” he said. “Instead, they are loyal to the complete experience a brand delivers. And that experience is delivered by software.”

With applications now the key medium through which businesses interact with their customers, it is important that companies are able to create high-quality platforms that are fully realised from design to launch, sometimes in a matter of hours.

As a result, CA is launching its DevOps portfolio to provide enhanced solutions for software engineers across all platforms. Customers who have already trialled the new DevOps solutions have reported increases in productivity of up to 60 per cent and in development speed between 25 and 50 per cent.

Mike Gregoire stressed that companies in the Application Economy will have to adapt to a faster pace of technology deployment in the near future, but that it brings massive opportunities as well as challenges.

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“The Application Economy will disrupt the way you are structured and managed,” he said. “And it will turn yesterday’s conventional wisdom on its head. When you embrace this future... the rewards will be outstanding.”