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The fitness tracking earring looking to shake up the wearable tech market

The future of the fitness technology industry may not lie with wearable wristbands but with smart earrings according to Canadian start-up BioSensive Technologies.

It is looking to raise more than $30,000 through its Kickstarter page for its Ear-o-Smart device, which it believes can “take fitness monitoring to the next level.”

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The earring uses Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology to connect to a smartphone and is capable of monitoring the user’s heart rate, activity level and number of calories burnt.

Like other fitness trackers, the Ear-o-Smart uses photoplethymogram (PPG) technology to measure blood flow through the skin, but by using ear-lobe sensors the device is able to provide better contact with the skin when compared with wrist-based monitors.

President at BioSensive Technologies Ravinder Saini believes that the device could inspire other wearable technology enthusiasts to create innovative devices of their own.

"We believe that wearable electronics should be embedded into the products we use in our everyday lives; for that reason, we created Ear-o-Smart,” he said. “We believe that sharing knowledge of our patent-pending invention might herald the onset of new kinds of wearable devices in the market that previously, no one ever imagined".

The device uses a 1225 coin cell battery, powering three stacked printed circuit boards positioned on top of each other.

The Kickstarter campaign, which launched today, rewards pledges with Ear-o-Smart PCBs and access to training videos that can help investors create their own wearable technology.

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Mr Saini added that the project could open up the wearables market in unexpected ways.

"We want to help society by packing all the knowledge which we gained during our two years of research within five hours of video tutorials," he said.