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Microsoft Xbox One now catching the PlayStation 4 in the US

Microsoft is boasting that its Xbox One sales have picked up since the company instigated its latest round of price cutting, and the console has edged ahead of the PlayStation 4 in the US according to Redmond.

That, of course, has been the goal all along – to spark sales to Sony’s level, and catch up with the PS4, although Microsoft sadly didn’t offer any hard numbers or indication of where it stands relative to its big rival machine.

What Microsoft (specifically Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate VP of Devices and Studios) did say was that sales have “skyrocketed” since the reduced priced bundles came into play at the start of November (temporarily offering $50 off with major titles bundled including Assassin’s Creed Unity, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and Sunset Overdrive).

Compared to the week previous to the new offers coming online, Xbox One sales in America have apparently tripled, and in the past two weeks, the Microsoft console has led sales ahead of the PS4.

However, the only hard number Microsoft mentioned was: “Shortly, we will have sold in to retailers more than 10 million Xbox One consoles.”

That’s units sold to retailers as opposed to consumers, though – Sony actually hit 10 million units flogged to customers back in August.

So, Microsoft clearly has a way to go to catch up yet, but if it can maintain a sales advantage going into the big Christmas period, then Redmond can certainly go some way to reducing the global sales deficit.