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Samsung makes multiple announcements in San Francisco

As Samsung continues its annual conference, which started on Tuesday, the company today presented a number of hardware and software innovations.

The Project Beyond camera made its debut – a full 3D, 360 degree camera designed to work in harmony with the Gear VR, Samsung's virtual reality headgear.

It's not a replacement for the GoPro, as it has to be static in order to create the images, and makes use of 16 full-hd built in cameras that create a gigapixel of 3D data every second.

Developers also got access to the firm's new continuity platform, Flow, which allows users to easily switch from one device to another.

Flow is Samsung's answer to Apple's Handoff platform, providing functionality such as allowing notifications to transfer between devices and viewing incoming calls and messages on your Samsung TV.

In addition, Samsung's second generation Simband wearable health tracker was unveiled and the updated Gear VR Innovator Edition was launched.

The Simband, announced some six months ago, is a wearable platform of sensors, a so-called “voice of the body,“ and is Samsung's latest contribution to the wearable health and fitness industry. Their healthtracker now comes with additional sensors to measure EKG levels, blood flow and body temperature.

All user information is then collected and stored on SAMI, Samsung's cloud-based database similar to Apple's HealthKit platform.

Two versions of the Gear VR Innovator Edition will launch in December in the US; one for $199 (£300) and the other with a Bluetooth controller for $249 (£390).