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Sony reveals PlayStation Vue cloud TV service

Sony is making further inroads into the world of media with the revelation of a new subscription-based cloud TV service.

According to Reuters, PlayStation Vue is expected to launch in Q1 of next year, and will offer live shows and on-demand content via your internet connection. Previously, it’s been the Xbox One which has had the focus on media and not just games, but Sony clearly wants to improve the chops of its PS4 and PS3 consoles in this respect.

Beta testing will start this month, and when the full system begins to roll out, it will only be in select US cities (New York, then Chicago, Philadelphia and Los Angeles in the first quarter of 2015).

You can expect to see shows from the likes of Fox, Viacom, NBC, Discovery, CBS, Comedy Central, Syfy and Nickelodeon among many others – the beta test will feature some 75 channels, with the on-demand facility allowing users to watch anything from the last three days they happen to have missed.

Exactly how much it will cost isn’t known yet, but pricing will be competitive, apparently, and the service will come without any attempt to tie users into a contract. It won’t be tied to Sony hardware either, and will be rolled out to the iPad and other devices not too far beyond the launch.

It’s certainly a bold land grab by Sony, although how much adoption it will see is arguable (the content library looks weak on the sports front right now, which could be a major downer for many folks in terms of having it as their primary viewing system). Pricing could be key there, as ever.