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Spotify’s App Finder closure kills off Soundrop

Last month music streaming platform Spotify announced that it would be removing its App Finder service and now the first casualty of that development has been announced.

Soundrop, the app that enables groups of friends to discover music together through social listening rooms, is shutting down.

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Spotify’s decision to close its app platform comes at a time when the streaming service is facing mounting competition from Apple, YouTube and other major music businesses.

The team behind Soundrop has confirmed that it will now focus on its own marketing platform called, and is open to investment opportunities.

“We’re not closing down the business itself. We’re closing just the apps in Spotify and Deezer (and the web, but that was really more of a beta). We haven’t sold anything but we see that there’s a value to our playlists and our technology which we intend to explore,” a spokesperson told TechCrunch. “This may be on our own or with partners. As you can imagine, we’ve received a number of inquiries in the past few days after Spotify made their plans known.”

The firm’s listening rooms will be closing on 31 December so users have until then to find a new platform to discover and share music.

Spotify’s App Finder service was launched back in 2011 as an attempt to position itself as more than a standalone streaming service, by supporting other music-based start-ups. Soundrop was one of the most popular services to emerge from the platform, drawing 120,000 unique monthly users and giving Spotify a much-needed social aspect.

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The decision by last year to transition to live events suggests that running a business based on social listening is a difficult task, but Soundrop did reveal in a blog post that it still sees “a tremendous future for several components” that made its service a success.