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US Veteran healthcare gets new collaborative care platform

US military veterans are set to benefit from a new level of healthcare after Jive Software signed up to provide an enterprise communication and collaborative solution to share best practice across 300,000 clinicians and staff.

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The US Department of Veterans Affairs [VA] Veterans Health Administration is launching VA Pulse to pool the resources of clinicians and provide personalised patient-driven healthcare to 22 million veterans and their families.

“With the agency’s recent transformation, it recognizes the mission-critical importance of evolving antiquated systems by adopting modern technologies. Jive’s communications and collaboration solutions will facilitate a more unified organisational culture and the ability to more effectively share best practices so that the VA’s physicians can better provide the top-notch care our nation’s veterans deserve,” said Elisa Steele, president, Jive Software.

VA Pulse’s primary aim is to connect clinicians spread across 1,700 locations in a more timely manner than is currently the case and contribute towards making the correct decision in every case.

The platform also includes a system-wide expertise finder that can find the best specialist possible to answer a question about a particular patient and deliver the correct level of healthcare. VA Pulse’s community also allows users to search through scores of medical resources as well as text, video and audio content with other members of the agency.

Healthcare platforms like this one and the entry of Apple, Samsung and others into the space has led to some heady estimates on where the market is heading. Juniper last month projected that the market for remote monitoring and smart accessories could boost sales in the sector to some $3 billion [£1.85 billion] by 2019.

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VA has already carried out successful testing of the Jive solution on 1,000 users so far and the plan is to roll out the solution to all employees over the next three years.

Image Credit: Flickr (Jasleen Kaur)