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Virgin Media supercharges Glasgow with high-speed broadband expansion

Virgin Media has announced that its high-speed 152MB broadband service will now be available in 5,000 additional homes in the Glasgow area.

The telecoms firm hopes that the rollout will enable some of the city’s residents to receive a more rewarding online experience.

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"Extending our network across the region means thousands more families will benefit from the UK's fastest widely available broadband for the first time," explained Tom Mockridge, Virgin Media's CEO. "We are proud to be supercharging Glasgow, helping build an exciting digital future for the city."

Gordon Matheson, Glasgow’s city council leader, helped Virgin Media with the project and believes it has the potential to boost the local economy, inspire technology enthusiasts and bring the web to a wider spectrum of the community.

"We want everyone to be included in the digital age, whether that's young people looking to be the next Bill Gates, developers of video games, or older people getting online to communicate with friends and family, no-one should be left behind," he said.

"I'm delighted that Virgin Media is investing in the city's digital future and bringing superfast broadband to more homes in Glasgow."

Virgin Media has also revealed it has set up a “Digital Making Space” in Scotland’s largest city, which will work alongside the council-run scheme “Digital Glasgow” to provide computer training and coding initiatives.

Neil Paterson, training leader at Digital Glasgow believes the scheme can help users to feel less intimidated by new technologies.

"Virgin Media is helping us reach more people through our new network of sports coaches which will show more people how beneficial and fun being online can be," he said.

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Back in August, Virgin announced that it would bring its 152MB broadband network to 100,000 homes in the East End of London.