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Blackberry wary of Chinese market

John Chen, Blackberry Ltd chief executive officer, says that the Chinese smartphone market could be the key to revitalising the company, but it’s a tricky area that Blackberry will watch from a safe distance for now.

Concerns over information security issues and the political backlash that different breaches could create have pushed Blackberry away from the Chinese market, at least for the time being.

The company is planning on expanding their market to the East, mostly Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, said Chen in an interview during the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Beijing.

"It takes too long to ramp up to a size that is even reasonable in China”, he said.

"Even if I have that time and money I'll probably have better returns going into a different set of markets that we are already in, like India, South Asia, and Southeast Asia."

Chen recently told reporters, after being asked about the Chinese market, that it’s “too big of a market to ignore,” and that the company is looking for a way to expand into a country where Blackberry only has the minimum number of employees needed to operate a business.

Even though there are some security concerns, they will not stop Blackberry from trying to find a way into “a great market”, said Chen.

China may be "sometimes sensitive because of security" issues, he added. "But there are opportunities."