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Samsung says Gear VR overheating isn’t an issue anymore

Those of you looking forward to the release of the Samsung Gear VR headset may have been concerned about some whispers we’ve recently heard of the device being prone to overheating – but apparently there’s nothing to worry about, at least according to Samsung.

Some developers have talked about overheating issues, but Samsung has come forward to say that these devs were using an older version of the mobile SDK which could overheat the Galaxy Note 4.

If you’ve been following the Gear VR, then you’ll know it’s not a standalone device but an accessory for Samsung’s new phablet – it requires the Note 4 to power it, and the phone acts as a visual interface.

Anyhow, Sam Mobile reports that Andrew Dickerson, director of software development at Samsung Dallas, said that this issue has since been remedied, and the cores have been cranked back to a more “reasonable level”. That does mean some performance has also been shed, but apparently tuning has been implemented elsewhere to compensate for these losses.

In short, there’s no longer a problem here, Samsung insists. We’ll certainly find out soon enough, anyway, as the Gear VR should be unleashed next month (you can currently pre-order it for around the £170 mark).

In an article we published recently where the VR headset was taken for a hands-on spin, it made a Coldplay concert come to life so it actually felt like being present live at the gig. It certainly sounds like an impressive accessory for those who have splashed out on a Note 4.