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Top 5 Ultra-futuristic drones that you can own

Let’s take a step back from the controversial use of unmanned drones in warfare, surveillance and general nasty-ness. Drones can be fun too! With consumer-grade drones rising in popularity and the holiday season just round the corner we thought we’d roundup our top five drones that you can own (provided you've got the dosh).

1. AirDog

Aimed at the extreme sports crowd the AirDog'suniqueness comes from the drone's wireless "leash" that will track the user's location and constantly follow the user, capturing all the extrememoments as they happen. The AirDog is designed to operate autonomously meaning that users can focus on their adrenalin-filled task, and with a top speed of 40 mph the drone will be a tough (air)dog to lose.

2. Parrot AR Drone 2.0

With an incredibly striking design that relishes in the military association with drones the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 appears to have more bark than bite. The drone is designed to be controlled through the accelerometers built-in to smartphones, and streams 720p to your device of choice.

3.OFM Seeker-450 V2 SE Quadcopter RTF

The fastest quadcopter ever built, the OFM Seeker-450 V2 boasts a top speed of 101kmph (63 mph), and is regarded as the Ferrari of drones by the FPV (first-person view) quadcopter races. The FPV crowd wear goggles that stream what the camera picks up directly into their eye holes which allegedly results in a quasi-out of body experience.

4. Ziphius

Instead of taking to the skies you can now dive deep into the ocean. Ziphius is the first aquatic consumer drone. One of the more interesting facets of the Ziphius is its back platform that can be swapped out to perform different functions, including the ability to look after your beer!

5. DJI Inspire 1

DJI dominates the quadcopter market and is known for outstanding build quality, responsive controls and outrageous price tags. However this time DJI has gone one step further by offering a quadcopter with a 4k camera that can rotate 360 degrees.

There you have it, our top five drones that you can own! Personally I'm looking forward to a drone-only Robot Wars reboot, but I doubt we'll get that lucky this Christmas.

Did we miss out a drone you feel should've been in the list? Let us know in the comments section.