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iPhone 6 is outselling iPhone 6 Plus by three to one

When it comes to Apple’s new smartphones, the phablet model is lagging considerably behind the 4.7in iPhone 6, at least according to the latest estimation of sales from an analyst firm.

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners has issued a report which pertains to US sales of iPhone handsets in the first month the devices went on the shelves.

According to a piece by Apple Insider, the standard iPhone 6 accounted for 68 per cent of iPhone handset sales, with the iPhone 6 Plus on 23 to 24 per cent (and older iPhones, namely the 5S/5C, making up the remaining 9 per cent or so).

So the iPhone 6 is very nearly outselling the phablet by a ratio of 3:1 (it’s probably more like 2.9:1, but we won’t quibble tenths).

Looking at this on the face of it, there’s a clear favourite, but as you’re likely well aware, the iPhone 6 phablet has faced stock issues since Apple launched its new models, so many people haven’t been able to buy one. Indeed, there’s still a three to four week wait for an iPhone 6 Plus at the Apple (UK) online store as of today.

Given that the iPhone 6 Plus has received some very positive reviews, with many compliments paid to the quality of its high-res screen for starters, it’s likely it would have sold considerably more if the supply was there.

Last month, analyst firms put the ratio of iPhone 6 to iPhone 6 Plus models at between 4:1 and 4.5:1 depending on whose figures you listened to, so this report is giving the phablet more credit than that.

As soon as stock levels pick up so you can order an iPhone 6 Plus with a normal delivery time, you can expect the phablet to gain some considerable ground.