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Its finally happened, you can now order Domino's pizza from your Pebble watch

Pebble was not the first smartwatch, but it could be argued that it popularized the platform and led to others creating similar devices. The company isn't resting on its laurels either, as it continues to make improvements and get apps in its store. The latest new addition is geared towards the hungry.

Pebble is announcing that pizza giant Domino's has arrived on your wrist. Yes, you can now order your pie right from the watch - toppings are up to you.

"The Domino’s Pizza Pebble app brings the company’s Domino’s Tracker system to your watch, letting you follow your pizza’s journey from order, to baking, and (the best part) delivery. Take the app for a spin the next time a pizza craving hits you" the watchmaker announces.

In addition, the company unveiled other new additions to the store. These include a series of new watch faces along with games and utilities.

The faces, in particular, seem to be popular with owners, as it equates to wallpaper on a desktop or laptop. It's the way each person makes the device "theirs".

All of these are free, however, you will have to pay for that pizza you ordered.