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Google Glass fizzles as some app developers give up

The future doesn’t look very bright for Google Glass, apparently, as developers are starting to lose interest in preparing their wares for the specs.

Glass has been on the boil for over two years now, but the problem seems to be it’s going off the boil, because both developers and early adopters alike now appear to be rapidly losing faith in the product.

This is according to Reuters, as the news agency spoke to 16 app developers for Glass – hardly a massive sample size, but still, the fact is that the majority, nine of them, said they had given up on Google’s headwear. In other words, they had either canned their projects completely, or at least stopped working on them.

As to the reasons why, the majority cited the lack of consumer interest in Glass, or the limitations of Google’s device. Three had abandoned working on consumer apps to focus instead on enterprise development.

The truth of the matter is that Glass seems to have dragged on through its beta testing, and as Reuters notes, the product isn’t due out anytime soon. In fact, while Google had hoped to get Glass out on shelves this year, 2015 is now looking like the launch date according to one source (and we’re betting it won’t be that early in the year, either).

It seems that while Glass may have applications in specific industries, as a consumer device, its chances of having any sort of success are rapidly vanishing.

We never had that much hope for the device anyway, and in our hands-on with Glass this summer, the ITProPortal team had a universally negative reaction.