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Introducing K5: The security robot set to protect your business

A Silicon Valley startup may soon make security guards obsolete after developing a human-sized autonomous robot that is able to carry out security patrols.

The K5 is approximately five feet tall and has been in development for more than year.

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The creator of the device, Knightscope, hopes the robot can take care of some of the more mundane aspects of security work, ensuring that human guards are only involved when it is necessary and, most important of all, safe.

The K5 works via initial user inputs alongside GPS signalling and laser rangefinding to analyse its surrounding before being ready for use. The device incorporates four cameras, microphones, radar and environmental sensors to survey an area for any potential issues. The robot is also capable of detecting fires and gas leaks.

The information collected by the device is relayed via cellular data or Wi-Fi and the K5’s operator is also able to speak through the device if necessary. Any intruder that attempt to destroy or immobilise the K5 will set off an automatic alarm system.

Knightscope has so far manufactured four K5s, which will be ready for use before the end of the year. While that might seem like a small figure, if the initial deployment is successful it is likely that more firms will start to utilise autonomous security robots.

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As well as the potential cost savings incurred versus hiring a human security guard, the use of robots could ultimately help ensure the safety of a business’ employees.