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O2 says Denim coming to Lumia handsets early 2015

Were you wondering when your Lumia phone is due for its Denim upgrade?

While some unlocked Lumia models (such as the 930) should be getting it soon, if you’re with O2, it seems as if you’ll be waiting until early next year for your first taste of Denim goodness.

This is according to a report from Windows Central, which spotted a post on the O2 support forums that stated the Denim update is on its way, but “we're not expecting Microsoft to release these this year we're afraid, though you should start seeing them push out to Lumia devices in early 2015”.

At least O2 believes it will be very early in January, so perhaps even the first week of the New Year by the sounds of things. Of course, the network will still have to complete the usual implementation and testing processes for the upgrade, but O2 promises that it will “get right on it as quickly as possible”.

O2 said: “We understand the wait may disappoint some but with so many Lumia devices out there, it's understandably going to take Microsoft some time to ensure these updates offer a smooth and reliable experience for all customers.”

The Denim update offers a number of goodies, many of which are aimed at smartphone photographers. Boons include a faster camera app which allows for snapping photos more quickly, with support for 4K video at 24fps, improved image processing, and an auto-HDR feature also promised.