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Programmatic adverts arrive on Android smartwatches

The latest news from the world of online marketing is that programmatic advertising has now crossed over to the medium of smartwatches.

Programmatic advert buying is a method of purchasing online ads via software and an intelligently automated process, and the FitAd wearables advertising network has taken on automated ads for Amtrak’s Acela Express high-speed train service.

These will appear on the Golfshot mobile app, which provides details like distance information for holes, stats and so forth for supported courses, and the ads will be aimed at golfers playing courses down the eastern US coast (the train service runs in the northeast, from Washington DC through to Boston).

The idea is that golfers have plenty of dead time between shots, so they can be targeted by adverts via the free (ad-supported) version of Golfshot on their Sony or Samsung smartwatches.

Mort Greenberg, founder and VP of sales at FitAd, told AdWeek: “We want to help translate a platform like Golfshot to brands through brand managers or ad agencies.”

The FitAd Network only runs on Android wearables right now, but is expected to be available for iOS systems in the future.

Programmatic buying is expected to grow swiftly, and according to a recent MediaPost article which FitAd tweeted, programmatic will account for almost two-thirds of display ad spend come 2016.