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How to show Caps Lock in your system tray

Tips and tricks for Windows are always welcome and fun and if you're a curious Windows user like myself, you never miss an opportunity to find and test some new or long forgotten add-on, no matter how obsolete it might be.

So here's a Windows add-on that won't drastically improve the quality of your life, but could be useful nonetheless.

There is software called TrayStatus, the purpose of which is to add various indicators to your system tray.

In case your new keyboard doesn’t have light indicators for keys such as Num Lock or Scroll Lock, and those are of existential importance to you, then head over to, hit the Download button, and grab the 0.62MB software.

After installing the software, you’ll find icons A and 1 on the system tray. The A indicates whether Caps Lock in turned on, while 1 does the same for Num Lock. When the keys are on, the indicators in the system tray turn green.

By opening TrayStatus settings (right click the System Tray icon and select Tray Status Settings), you can add or remove different indicators by simply checking different boxes.

Tray Status offers: Num Lock status, Caps Lock status, Scroll Lock status, Alt key status, Ctrl key status, Shift key status, Windows key status, and Hard Drive activity with current speed in a tooltip.

This information is shown using separate tray icons. You can enable or disable features depending on what information you want to see.

Image Credit: Flickr/AI R