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Snapchat bans third-party apps after ‘The Snappening’

Snapchat has moved to ban its users from using third-party apps to prevent data breaches similar to the one publicised by 4chan users just last month.

The company stated that any account that is using a third party app in conjunction with the service will be told to change their password and refrain from using the app in question or face being locked out from Snapchat completely.

"Unfortunately, some developers build services that trick Snapchatters and compromise their accounts. We want to prevent that from happening in our community,” read a statement from aid the firm in a statement.

The move comes after 4chan users exposed “The Snappening” just last month after hackers infiltrated third-party app SnapSave and leaked a database containing thousands of photos and videos sent through Snapchat.

Reports at the time claimed that 200,000 Snapchat accounts were involved in the breach, 13GB worth of material was leaked and the hackers were apparently planning to create a database that could be searched by username.

The service has amended its Terms of Use to reflect its new stance on third-party applications to mean that accounts will be locked out if in violation of the new guidelines.

“If you are using third-party applications to access Snapchat, please change your password and stop using these applications. If you continue to use these apps, we will have to lock your account,” read the amended terms. “If you have already been locked, you may be able to unlock your account by changing your password. If you do not stop using third-party applications, your account may be permanently locked.”

Snapchat itself is no stranger to hacking after 4.6 million usernames and matched mobile phone numbers were leaked at the start of the year after hackers took advantage of a previously discovered vulnerability in the service.

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