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"Which superhero earns £830 million?"

It’s funny to list who are the richest superheroes. Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark certainly have big bucks, that’s that’s personal fortune. But, as one industry trade asked us, “Which superhero earns $1.3 billion (£830 million) a year?”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Marvel is clearly the winner in the superhero sweepstakes, but this isn’t news. What’s interesting is the number one superhero in terms of licensing money isn’t Batman, but Spider-Man, who brought in global retail sales of $1.3 billion (£830 million)last year. Batman came in at $494 mil (£316 million), The Avengers came in at $325 million (£208 million), and Superman came in at $277 million (£177 million).

Batman is DC’s most licensed character, again, no big shock, even with Spidey coming in at #1. The Hollywood Reporter also tells us The Avengers has “the most growth potential,” which is a serious understatement considering Age of Ultron should explode at the box office next May.

With Batman Vs Superman, Justice League, and the impending Wonder Woman movie, Warners is again trying really hard to catch up with Marvel, which will be tough to do, but Warners has also gotten very franchise happy with plans for more movies in the Harry Potter universe as well.