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Facebook at Work divides opinion for analysts

A great number of employers dislike Facebook, mostly because they feel their employees spend way too much time browsing the social network and not enough time actually working.

Facebook’s administration is well aware of that issue, so they’ve decided to place a new product on the market, called Facebook at Work – to enable people to use the network at work more effectively.

Apparently, it will be a completely separate social network, intended for the creation of business profiles, collaboration with work colleagues, sharing of business documents and so on.

Despite Facebook’s employees, who have been using the new network for some time, offering positive reviews, analysts’ opinions on whether the new network will be a distraction or not are divided.

Most say it could be a good move, but they also share fears that it could be just another distraction.

“It makes total sense for Facebook to add an At Work element,” said Frank Gillett, principal analyst and VP at Forrester.

“Much, but not all, of people’s work and personal lives are related, and it can be frustrating to have those siloed in separate online relationships. Helping individuals integrate and express their digital selves within one relationship will create greater engagement and loyalty.”

Andre Spicer, professor of organizational behaviour at the Cass Business School in London, said: “Facebook is moving into a very crowded space.”

“But generally speaking, using Facebook is not going to make people more productive at work, it will probably actually divert from work activity.”