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What’s in Nokia’s black box: A fitness gadget?

Nokia is up to something, and is going to launch a new product today.

What, exactly? Well, we don’t know.

Literally all the firm said in a Twitter post was: “Guess what? We’re up to something.”

That was accompanied by a photo of a black box. The post also added the date, 18/11, and the hashtag #Slush14 – the latter refers to the Slush 2014 conference, which is about to start shortly over in Finland.

So what’s the black box all about? What could Nokia be about to launch?

Well, Nokia also slapped a video up on its Twitter account an hour ago, where it asked Slush attendees what they expect to see revealed – one hoped it was a new product launch of some kind, and another said it would be something related to health.

The latter was the only specific concept mentioned, so has Nokia thrown that in as a hint that it’s coming forward with some sort of health gadget or fitness wearable?

We shall find out shortly. Stay tuned to ITProPortal for news on the reveal as it happens – hopefully it’ll be something juicy, and indicative of the direction Nokia is going to take following the sale of its mobile division to Microsoft.