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Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus hit by camera image stabilisation flaw

One of the benefits of the iPhone 6 Plus as opposed to the standard 4.7in iPhone 6 is that the former has optical image stabilisation (OIS) on its main snapper – but that hasn’t been such a great benefit for some owners.

According to an article on Techtree, the phablet has a weird camera issue, or so one of their readers reported – and it turns out a number of people on the Apple discussion forums are also suffering at the hands of this flaw.

The reader told Techtree that his iPhone 6 Plus camera was fine for the first few weeks of owning the phone, but then it started playing up, producing blurry and wobbly images and video.

He also noted a “mechanical clicking sound” coming from inside his handset, and from the reader’s comments, Techtree concludes that this is likely a problem with OIS on the iPhone 6 Plus.

Other owners on Apple’s forum (opens in new tab) have drawn similar conclusions. On 22 October, owner Scott Story wrote: “Happened with the ios update this week. Tried the camera directly after the update (was previously working fine). If you put the lens to your ear you can hear it vibrating wildly. Not sure if it's the image stabilisation or the focus that is causing the issue.”

He evidently then went to his local Apple store with the issue, and wrote later that day: “The Genius Bar replaced my phone with no problems – they said that there were definitely some hardware issues with this.”

It seems the problem may be occurring due to vibration jostling the OIS setup and eventually causing it to go awry. A keen mountain biker, Tambikerhiker, noted on the forum: “My second iphone 6 in five weeks has exactly the same problem. I mountain bike almost daily and told Apple this after the first failure. Think this is being caused by excess vibration, something Apple tests for but they are missing this defect.”

Cupertino hasn’t officially acknowledged this problem, but if you’ve encountered it, get in touch with Apple pronto, and get yourself a replacement.

Darren Allan

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