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India, Vietnam and Indonesia to become major DDoS hives

Look to Vietnam, India and Indonesia to become the DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack centres of the world as we move into next year, due to the sheer weight of compromised mobile devices in these Asian countries.

Those are the findings of Black Lotus Communications, a security firm which provides DDoS protection, in its latest threat report for Q3 (which was spotted by the Register).

Vietnam is now in the top five countries in the world from which DDoS attacks originate, at fifth place, but still outranked by China (which is number one), followed by the US, Russia and Germany.

Black Lotus labelled Vietnam, India and Indonesia as the up and coming countries to watch for incoming DDoS fire, because the large number of breached devices (particularly smartphones) mean that this trio of nations are prime sources for freshly crafted botnets.

In Q3, Black Lotus notes the largest attack it mitigated was 15.2Gbps bit volume (6.1 million packets per second), and the average DDoS attack was 3.2Gbps (1 million packets per second). That’s down considerably from previous quarters this year – for example in Q2, the largest attack experienced hit 59Gbps.

The total number of DDoS attacks defended by the company was 201,700 in Q3.

As regards the types of attack, the majority (49 per cent) remained SYN Flood attacks, followed by HTTP Get Flood on 18 per cent, and UDP Flood on 13 per cent.

Black Lotus observed: “DDoS attacks have significantly and continuously declined in peak size and total incident count as NTP DrDoS attacks have largely subsided. This occurred due to better awareness in the security community about the threat of vulnerable NTP daemons, prompting administrators to upgrade from vulnerable versions and in some cases, prompting network operators to filter potentially malicious NTP traffic.”