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John Lydon confesses to blowing £10,000 on iPad apps

John Lydon has done lots of things in his life. A punk legend with the Sex Pistols, he went on to a very different (yet still anarchic) sound with Public Image Limited, tried his hand at acting (in a film with Harvey Keitel), suffered being a celebrity in the jungle, and, ahem, we won’t mention the butter.

And he wasted money – lots of it. He spoke about how he was plunged into debt a lot thanks to a lack of control over his spending in an interview with the Telegraph, and specifically, he discussed the amount of money he’d wasted on iPad apps. Or in-app purchases, rather, the bane of many a parent…

Lydon said that he’d wasted no less than £10,000 in two years on iPad apps, and that he got addicted to Game of Thrones, Game of War, and Real Racing – and in his words, “I just wanted to up the ante”.

Lydon said: “And like an idiot I didn’t check myself. I’ve been checked now. But there's a kid in me, see? A bit of my childhood was taken from me and I’m determined to bring it back.”

He also said he had no wish to be particularly rich or own a Ferrari, because: “If I want to drive a Ferrari I’ve got PlayStation.”

We can surmise, then, that Mr Lydon is a pretty keen gamer, and probably enjoys a spot of Gran Turismo. Good on ya’, Johnny…