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Jolla Tablet blasts past funding target on Indiegogo

Jolla has put a tablet up for crowdfunding, and it’s very quickly become a storming success.

The Jolla Tablet (which will be powered by the firm’s open source Sailfish OS 2.0) is up on Indiegogo, billed as the world’s first crowd sourced slate. The idea is you put your pre-order up, and then have some input into what the finished product ends up like.

And thus far, there are plenty of keen takers to grab a tablet and exert their influence, as the Indiegogo campaign only kicked off today, and already the device has blown past its $380,000 (£242,000) goal. As we write this, it has hit $478,000 (£305,000), and has racked up $75,000 (£48,000) in just the last hour as we’ve watched the total shoot up.

The tablet boasts Sailfish multi-tasking which allows you to view all running apps on-screen and easily flick between them, and it’s capable of running Android apps. The UI also offers gesture navigation for further ease of use.

As for the hardware specs, the display is a 7.85in iPad mini sized affair (where the Nokia N1, another fresh tablet effort unveiled yesterday, is also pitched) with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 giving 330 ppi (matching the iPad mini 3). A 1.8GHz quad-core Intel CPU will be backed by 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, with microSD for expansion.

The tablet will be 8.3mm thick, it will weigh 384 grams, and have a 4300mAh battery on board.

Specs and such aside, one of the reasons Jolla is so popular is its emphasis on the user’s privacy, and input from the community, the latter of which is at the heart of this crowdfunded slate. Everyone will be able to chip in suggestions for the tablet in the community forum, and vote on whether proposed features should be included (or not)

Jolla stated: “Our community is a vital part of the process and plays a huge role in making something that is people-made. We already have a solid track record after implementing four out of the eight most voted features to our first product, the Jolla smartphone, during 2014.”

“With our second product, the Jolla Tablet, we want to involve the community even earlier in the development to make the product you want.”

You can currently reserve a tablet for $204 plus $20 shipping (£143 in total our money – though they’re selling fast and the price will creep up as more are sold), with May 2015 down as the delivery date.

Darren Allan

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