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PayPal parades onto Pebble

Wearables are starting to come of age, and they're now about much more than just tracking blood pressure and distance while running. Today Pebble continues the expansion of its range of apps with the launch of a dedicated PayPal app. It allow for payments to be made at participating retailers and shows payment notifications so there's no need to rely on a phone.

Pebblers -- as PayPal insists on calling owners of the smartwatch -- now have the ability to make PayPal payments without having to reach into their pockets. The app can be used to pay with a payment code, or to check in to make a payment.

The new payment option comes hot on the heels of a Domino's app that gives Pebble owners the ability to order pizza from their phone. Senior Director of Partnerships and Global Solutions at PayPal, Joel Yarbrough, ponders the evolution of the humble watch:

Did you know the infamous calculator watch has been around since the 1970s? It’s safe to say smartwatches have come a long way since then. And we’re excited to be part of that. At PayPal, we’re working to make shopping easy and seamless so that you are one step closer to walking into a store and being able to place your order and pay without ever reaching into your pocket.

Working together, PayPal and Pebble want you to stop reaching for your wallet, and start using your wrist to pay instead. The new Pebble app is just the latest in a line of apps for wearable devices, such as Samsung's Galaxy Gear range, and Android Wear.