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‘Real Apple Store’ pops up at London's Borough Market

A new Apple Store made an appearance in the capital with the 1000th anniversary of London's Borough Market (and yes, that wasn’t a typo – it’s been around a thousand years, we didn’t add an extra ‘0’ by mistake).

If you’re not aware, the Borough Market is London’s most famous food market, offering wares from cheese through fish, to croissants and olives – and of course fruit. Apples to be precise.

Indeed, the ‘Real Apple Store’ which was created for the weekend was just like a conventional Cupertino establishment, except instead of iPhones on translucent plinths, it featured, well, real apples. You know, the Braeburn and Cox’s Orange Pippin kind, and probably some rarer varieties we’ve never heard of.

The tech specs of the apples were detailed, too, except instead of resolution and storage size, there were flavour notes and other details regarding the fruit, AdWeek reports.

There was no mention of whether there was a genius bar in the corner to solve all your apple related questions, like: Should you eat the pips? And should you take out an Apple Care warranty, in case your Golden Russet gets unfortunately dropped on the floor and suffers from some unsightly bruising?

At least you can be sure the Golden Russet won’t bend in your pocket…

Image Credit: AdWeek