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How to delete embarrassing tweets forever

Twitter came to the rescue of social media users across the globe by confirming that it is indexing every single tweet sent out since 2006 and it opens up the chance to scrub out those oh-so-embarrassing tweets sent out in the heat of the moment.

There are range of different ways that you can target tweets that are all explained in the headings below:

Before anything, save your archive

As Twitter is cataloguing everything, it would be wise to make a copy of any tweets sent from your account. This is as easy as clicking your profile icon then going to Settings > Request your archive. When it is ready, the service will email you a link to download a .zip file and voila, your tweets will be available.

Delete your account…for good

For those of us that are so embarrassed we can’t even face trawling back through all the activity on the account, Twitter still has the option to deactivate your account entirely.

To do this you simply sign in to your account, go to Account Settings > Deactivate my account, and then read through the provided information. Once you are happy then click Okay, fine, deactivate account. You will have to enter your password once more and verify for the final time that you want to take the step.

Retired tweeters then have 30 days from the date of deactivation until data is permanently deleted, and to reactivate simply log back into the account within that timeframe.

Search for the worst

Twitter’s search function is the best way to target specific tweets for deletion. To do so, go to and type in your Twitter handle along with the other keywords you may have used in the offending tweets. Then once the tweets have been found click the “…” icon and select delete tweet. It may be time consuming but if you want to keep the account and are afraid of your history, then it’s a necessary evil.

When were you most angry?

We all remember those life altering events that bring out the worst and more often than not we probably have a rough timeframe on them. Luckily certain third party services allow you to delete chunks from your timeline so that those unhappy times are no longer there for the world to see.

Image Credit: Flickr (Scott Beale)