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Uber driver threatens cancer patient following cancellation

An Uber driver most definitely has not done the taxi app service any favours, following his despicable treatment of a customer who was getting a ride home following radiation treatment for cancer.

New York resident Alexandra Craigle was a regular Uber user, and had organised the ride but then realised she had left a scarf behind in the treatment room. She wanted to go back and get the item, the Independent reports, so had to cancel her hire car (within a minute of making the request, we might add, so almost immediately).

That’s when the Uber driver decided to send Craigle abusive messages, leaving a threatening voice mail and calling three times.

Craigle tweeted: “@Uber_NYC driver calls 3x, leave threatening vmail, tell me I'm lying about cancer treatment, that I deserve it for what ‘an animal I am’”.

Uber sent across $30 worth of credit that same evening, but as you can imagine, that wasn’t particularly well received given that Craigle didn’t intend to use the service any longer following her experience.

Uber did then sack the driver, however, with the company telling Boing Boing: “Uber has a zero tolerance policy for abusive or threatening language on our platform, and as we have done in this instance, we immediately deactivate any driver found in violation of that policy.”

Craigle certainly received plenty of supportive messages, and tweeted yesterday: “So this was the most exciting day I've had in months. THANK YOU to all the well wishes and good thoughts – you've made my month.”

Uber has also been in trouble this week over comments made by Emil Michael, senior VP of business, who during a dinner party discussed hiring researchers to dig up dirt on journalists who criticised the company – only to have his ‘off the record’ words reported by a journo who was present.