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Hotels and beacons: Enhancing the customer experience

Imagine our future cities developed with a technological infrastructure that supports connected Internet through sensor devices for monitoring energy use, temperature, traffic etc.

The advancement of technology will bring better consumer experiences to the public and, in such a scenario, these new tech-cities will be connected through beacons.

Beacons, those low-cost pieces of hardware, have a huge potential to revolutionise experiences across several industries, including retail, manufacturing, productions, logistics and events, to name a few.

This will be achieved by bringing the process of automation, resulting in better customer experiences and the industry where customer experience counts the most, is of course, hospitality.

How Hotels Can Use Beacons to Enhance Guest Experiences

In combination with a smartphone app, hotels can use beacons to improve many hotel formalities, such as room service, the check in and check out processes, site navigation and staff communication, as well as making in-room entertainment more interactive.

Beacons are attractive to hotels because of their ability to help businesses gain deep insights into consumer behaviour, intelligence, effectiveness, forecasting and staffing needs.

Beacons also evaluate promotion and merchandising that directly impacts the final sale, by using targeted messaging and analytics to create messages personalised to each individual customer.

The data collected about the particular guest can also be used to deliver services, as per their preferences, and offer special deals and lotalty rewards.

However, one should keep in mind that continuous messages can harm your credibility and hassle users into uninstalling the app.

This trend all started with a couple of beacon applications related to retail, stadiums, theme parks, museums and events etc., but nowadays, the hotel industry is among the top level of businesses where guest experiences count the most.

Improving customer engagement with beacons can really change the dimension of your hotel industry, with Starwood Hotels and Resorts providing a prime example.

Starwood is currently implementing a new pilot program that will see two key hotel locations in Manhattan and Silicon Valley using beacons to enable guests to enter their rooms using just their smartphones.

And that's just the beginning. Beacons have so much scope for functionality that surely it will only be a matter of time until they are widely embraced across the hospitality industry, as well as many others.

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