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iPhone 6 is capable of 4K video playback with A8 chip

Apparently it is possible to watch 4K video on your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, despite Apple not letting this fact slip.

This was discovered by the developers of the Mac app WALTR, which lets users put video files that aren’t supported by iTunes on their handset. TUAW spotted that during testing, the devs of this software discovered that it was in fact possible to put a 4K video on an iPhone 6, and the A8 chip is powerful enough to handle playing it back.

That’s certainly an interesting thing to learn, if not particularly practical. Of course, the resolution on the iPhone 6 handsets (particularly the base 4.7in model which has a resolution of 1334 x 750) means that you won’t be able to appreciate 4K clarity and detail on the screen anyway – plus the size of 4K files makes fitting them onto an iPhone 6 (or indeed any Apple smartphone) tricky (particularly models with smaller amounts of storage).

But what it does mean is that a future Apple TV will likely use the A8 and support 4K movies and TV shows. Or indeed a future iPad could well up the resolution ante to 4K levels, which would make for an excellent media playback experience on a slate.

Perhaps we will see a new Apple TV next year with the A8 on board and 4K playback – Tim Cook did hint earlier this year that Cupertino was taking Apple TV far more seriously now it’s making some good money, and that it’s no longer a “hobby” on the side for the company.

Apple TV made some $1.1 billion (£700 million) for Apple over the course of 2013.