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New battery tech allows for 30 second smartphone charge

Fancy fully charging your phone up in just half a minute? Even with modern smartphones, a full charge from close to zero can take a good long wait and a major inconvenience, particularly when you’re having to plug the thing into a power outlet if you don’t have a handset with wireless charging.

While there are already “turbo charger” systems from, for example, Motorola, which can juice up a phone in just 15 minutes, an Israeli firm reckons it has a system which can charge a handset with a full day’s worth of power in just 30 seconds.

The company in question is the Roman Abramovich backed StoreDot, and the Tel Aviv outfit claims to have developed a battery that can store a higher charge much more quickly via nano-technology. Reuters notes that “nanodots” (a form of bio-organic peptide molecules, apparently) used in the battery means it acts like an incredibly dense sponge to soak up power from the mains (and retain it very effectively).

This isn’t ready for production just yet, as you might have guessed, and the current prototype wouldn’t have any chance of fitting into a smartphone. However, StoreDot thinks it will be able to hone and refine the battery to be ready for production lines in 2016 – so far from the distant future. If they can indeed get this shrinking act done on schedule…

The downside? Doron Myersdorf, the founder and CEO of StoreDot, notes that phones boasting such super-quick charging tech would cost around $100 to $150 (£65 to £95) more than current models – so these batteries won’t come cheaply, at least to begin with.

The battery tech could have an even bigger impact on the car world, with the possibility of a car battery that can be charged in a few minutes as opposed to overnight, which could be a massive breakthrough for electric cars and the likes of Tesla.