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Pinc VR headset for iPhone 6 doubles as case

Another company has come up with a virtual reality gizmo, and this one is specifically designed to tie in with the iPhone 6, in the same way that Samsung’s Gear VR uses the Galaxy Note 4.

Pinc (which is pronounced “pinch”) is produced by Cordon, and is a VR headset which also doubles – when folded up – as a case for your iPhone 6. When unfolded, it can be used with the iPhone 6’s display to create a virtual reality experience complete with “optical control rings” worn on the fingers which allow the user to employ gesture controls.

Milan Baic, President of Cordon and head of Pinc’s development, commented: “We see the opportunity for VR as much broader than just gaming. Areas like everyday computing, productivity and commerce are very interesting for us. When we can control mobile applications in 3D environments, we get into a new realm of computing.”

Baic notes that mobile devices still only offer a relatively small amount of screen real estate despite size increases and the emergence of phablets as a stronger force, and that VR can be used to “dramatically” expand the effective viewing and interaction area.

It’s a slim gadget, the firm promises, and the fact that it doubles up as a case is a pretty neat touch.

Pinc is currently up on Indiegogo right now, with a funding goal of C$100,000 (£56,000). You can pre-order it now for C$99 (£56) plus shipping, with the device expected to ship in June of next year.