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Apple set to enter the virtual reality market?

A job listing posted online suggests Apple may be set to join Facebook’s Oculus and Sony’s Project Morpheus in the virtual reality market.

The Cupertino-based firm indicated online that it is currently looking for an app developer with “virtual reality” experience.

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"This engineer will create high performance apps that integrate with Virtual Reality systems for prototyping and user testing," the ad reads.

Alongside “VR/AR development” experience, the ideal candidate will also be familiar with both the iOS and OS X ecosystem.

As expected, the job listing doesn’t provide any additional details as to what project the engineer will ultimately be working on, but if Apple dobes officially enter the VR landscape, it will join some of the tech industry’s major players.

Oculus Rift, now owned by Facebook, is perhaps the most established company in the industry, with Sony’s Project Morpheus providing competition following its announcement earlier in the year. There are also a number of third-party accessories that are capable of turning a user’s smartphone into a makeshift VR headset.

Back at the firm’s I/O developer event in June, Google announced its own attempt to bring virtual reality technology to a more mainstream audience with its own fold-out smartphone mount, Google Cardboard.

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While virtual reality remains somewhat of a niche concept, it is predicted to take on more of a widespread appeal in the next few years. If this turns out to true, it’s no surprise that Apple is looking to enter the market.