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Casio app will make hummed tune into a full song

You may recall the game show Name That Tune (presented by Tom O’Connor, and then Lionel Blair back in the eighties), where contestants had to play chicken with the least amount of notes they thought they could hear to be able to successfully name a famous song.

Well, never mind naming a tune from a few bare notes, you could soon be humming just a simple few notes and having an app construct a tune from that short melody, at least if Casio has its way.

Japan Today reports that Casio showed off this new software at the 2014 Gakki Fair, the big music fair in Tokyo which took place over this weekend just gone. The app simply records a tune hummed by the user, and then takes those notes and extrapolates them into a full song.

You don’t even have to worry about composing a verse and chorus – just a basic short hummed tune is all the app needs to automatically make up its own chorus/verses. And you can also indicate a music style – rock, pop, or whatever – which the software will use to generate an appropriate tempo, key and so forth.

And you thought Shazam-style song identifying services were clever.

The quality of the tune produced – well, that’s going to be the crux of the matter, and we’re guessing this app won’t fill the charts with a string of hits. Not that the quality of much chart music is much to boast about these days…

It’s not certain when the Casio app will be released yet, but hopefully it’ll be before long, as this will definitely be an interesting musical toy to play with. It might even give serious musicians some ideas on where a song and chord progression could possibly go, if they’re struggling to sound out possible ideas, as it were.

Image Credit: Davide Restivo