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EA online services allegedly taken down by Lizard Squad

EA’s online services have allegedly been hit by DDoS fire courtesy of Lizard Squad at the tail end of last weekend, and problems with services carried on yesterday.

This is according to the International Business Times, which notes that there were over 2,000 reports of problems with EA’s network as of yesterday.

Lizard Squad, which has previously hit the likes of PSN, Xbox Live, and Twitch, had apparently disbanded in September, but not for long as last month the organisation announced, “we comin' back”, and then on Sunday the squad said that it hit GTA V first off, then Destiny servers, and then tweeted: “EA #offline #LizardSquad”.

A number of EA games were affected apparently, including the latest episode of the major RPG franchise Dragon Age. EA’s online service Origin did admit there were issues at the weekend, and it was working on fixing them, but it didn’t acknowledge that these problems were caused by Lizard Squad (or indeed any malicious third party).

Ashley Stephenson, CEO at Corero Network Security, told us: “The online gaming industry has been taking a beating as of late with the continuous bludgeoning of DDoS attacks. Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, now EA sports Servers are taking the heat.”

“As with any attack, the motivations are wide ranging – taking players offline for competitive gaming advantage or as form of protest, for monetary gain, or perhaps executing DDoS as a smokescreen to perpetrate data theft. Attacks are more frequently becoming a method of distraction for these more nefarious purposes.”

He added: “DerpTrolling, the hacker organisation taking responsibility for the recent DDoS attacks against Blizzard are now sending a warning to their victims – by leaking customer account data. This should be taken as a warning by other verticals, beyond the gaming industry. DDoS attacks are damaging, costly and difficult to deal with, without proper defences in place. The added sophistication of using DDoS as a smokescreen for accessing more sensitive information will become the norm in 2015.”

Meanwhile Lizard Squad insists that its members most definitely haven't been arrested in its latest tweet from this morning: "News outlets truly think we've been arrested. Unbelievable."