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New Surface Pro 3 advert grates with US viewers

Microsoft has produced another Surface ad which appears to be riling those over in the States, and in all fairness, it is a piece of marketing which is likely to get under your skin in a bad way.

Spotted by BGR, the new US Surface Pro 3 advert features a demonstration of how the device is just as good as a MacBook, and better in many respects, all set to the tune of ‘Winter Wonderland’ (and with a ‘lead vocalist’ who is apparently having some difficulty stopping himself from laughing at the end).

Yes, it’s pretty grating indeed. The points the ad makes are that the Surface Pro 3 is just as powerful as a MacBook Air, and that it has a stylus, touchscreen and kickstand to boot. Yeah, it really gets down to the technical nitty-gritty…

The ad does, of course, mention the fact that the Surface Pro 3 is a hybrid machine so you can detach and use the tablet on its own.

That there’s not much substance here is an understatement, and the tune is most definitely annoying, so it’s hard to see what Microsoft is going for here, exactly. And it’s unsurprising that BGR and plenty of YouTube commenters have their feathers seriously ruffled by this latest marketing effort (or lack of it).

Microsoft kicked off its anti-MacBook campaign back in August, although the initial ads in its pro-Surface series were certainly better than this latest one.