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Sony Pictures brought to standstill by major #GOP hack

The hacker collective known as #GOP has carried out a major attack on Sony Pictures, and claims to have secured “top secret” information.

The attack also left Sony employees unable to access their work computers, bringing the company to a virtual standstill.

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A message has been left on employee devices, stating that if Sony Pictures do not cooperate with the group’s demands by 11PM yesterday, it will share the data it acquired with the world.

“We've already warned you, and this is just a beginning," the message read. "We continue till our request be met.... If you don't obey us, we'll release data shown below to the world."

With the deadline now passed, however, there is no indication that #GOP has followed through with its ultimatum.

The hackers also posted a list of .zip files stolen during the raid, which they claim contain documents from an employee server and possibly even account information such as usernames and passwords. Sony’s Twitter accounts were also compromised on Monday as a result of the attack.

According to Deadline, a source within the company confirmed that Sony has been “completely paralysed” by the attack. It is believed that a single server was initially compromised, before the hack spread across the firm.

Sony was also the victim of a high-profile cyber attack in 2011, causing the Playstation Network to suffer a major outage. It also resulted in millions of PSN account details being exposed online.

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The only official comment from Sony Pictures regarding the #GOP hack is that the firm is “investigating an IT matter,” but it is believed the majority of employees are working from home while the company finds a solution to the issue.

Image Credit: Deadline