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Baidu is working on Dubike smart bicycle

Smart things are set to take over – smartwatches (Apple’s version is on the way next spring), smart clothes, even smart shoes, and one of the latest smart inventions is the bicycle.

The smart bike isn’t a new idea, and now another company has hopped on the bandwagon (or should that be bikewagon?), namely Chinese search engine Baidu.

Like Google, Baidu doesn’t just concern itself with searches, and has plans for the Dubike (which Engadget spotted), a pushbike which is loaded up with all sorts of smart features. It’ll monitor your rate (and pressure) of peddling, as well as your heart rate, providing a wide range of health and fitness type stats.

It hooks up to your smartphone via an app (of course), and it can provide navigation instructions, with a handlebar mounted unit showing which direction to turn with big glowing orange arrows. There are also glowing lights on the back of the bike seat, too, looking at the pretty pics on the Dubike website – we’re not sure what they’re for, but they look good.

A Find my Dubike feature is also offered with the smartphone app, to locate your pushbike in case it gets lost or stolen, and you can also share things like bike routes with friends via social networks.

The Dubike will sport a hub which uses the power from your pedalling to generate electricity in order to power its sensors and systems, and indeed to top up the charge on your phone if necessary.

It does look like a pretty nifty cycle, too. So, when will we see the Google Smart Bike? (With added Wi-Fi network data sniffer built into the handlebars, or maybe not…)