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Sainsbury’s Black Friday deals include Kindle Touch Wi-Fi

As Black Friday momentum continues to gather this side of the pond – it used to be a US only thing not so long ago, remember – Sainsbury’s has decided it’s going to join in the price slashing fun the day after tomorrow.

485 supermarkets across the UK will offer a number of discounted items on some 13 product lines, which will include tech gadgets such as TVs, tablets and audio hardware, along with kitchen accessories.

The supermarket has announced details on some of the reduced items for Black Friday, which will include the Kindle Touch Wi-Fi 4GB, reduced from £59 to £40, and the Sony Audio Tank which will be down from £200 to £70.

A Blaupunkt 40in LED TV will have its price cut in half, from £300 to £150, and the Dyson DC24 Animal Vacuum will get the same treatment being cut from £320 to £160.

And if you’re after a Russell Hobbs Purifry for the kitchen, that will again be another major discount, down from £150 to £50. Finally, the Dolce Gusto Mini Me (coffee machine) will be reduced from £100 to £40 (that said, John Lewis and others sell this for £50 anyway – so some of these discounts aren’t as massive as they first seem, but still, it’s cheaper at Sainsbury’s nonetheless).

Rumour has it that a microwave will also be one of the as yet unnamed products which are Black Friday discounted.

Items will be on sale while stocks last, so you might want to get down there early if you’ve set your heart on something. As Sainsbury’s puts it, they are operating a "when it’s gone, it’s gone" policy. We’re wondering how many of those items which have been cut down to a third of their price will indeed be in stock…

There could be some serious crowds and possible trolley ramming antics early on Friday. And in case you’re wondering, you can only buy one of each product, so you can’t make off with an armful of Kindles for your mates (or to eBay).