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Top money management apps for Black Friday

Retailers are licking their lips at the millions shoppers will spend this Black Friday and consumers won’t give a second thought to just how much they are forking out until the e-statement arrives as a nasty post-Christmas surprise.

Keeping track of what you’re spending can be made a lot easier, however, by a glut of money management apps designed to keep you on the straight and narrow across this weekend’s frantic shopping period.

Here are some of the top options available to frugal shoppers:

DailyBudgt [$1.99 for iOS]

Shoppers that are used to writing down every single thing they buy will get most use out of this app as it allows you to set a budget for the week or just Black Friday itsel. Users then input the amount spent on each transaction and it is categorised to show how much is left of the budget for the given period. Unfortunately it doesn’t connect to credit and debit cards, though is perfect for anyone using cash or willing to enter transactions manually.

Spending 2 [Free for iOS]

You start the month by setting a budget and then divide spending up into five categories: education, food, personal, transportation and food. The app tracks your spending across the month and automatically shows what you spent yesterday and today – useful over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend.

Expensify [Free for iOS, Android and Windows]

Available across both smartphone and the web that is made up of four large buttons that make it incredibly easy to navigate, two of which are important for shoppers. “SmartScan” allows you to take a photo of receipts, categorise them, tag them and then add them to expense reports. “Add expense” is there for those that prefers to input costs manually and includes similar categorising options to the scanning method. “Track Distance” and “Track Time”, meanwhile, are used for calculating travelling expenses.

Check [Free for iOS and Android]

The app uses a secure connection to let you keep track of every expense that comes off your credit or debit card. Entering your bank account info into Check lets the app tell you how much is in your account, the bills that are coming out, how much you have spent and critically how much you have left to spend on Black Friday purchases.

DailyCost [$1.99 for iOS]

Sometimes the most basic apps are best when it comes to money management and DailyCost’s creators are hoping that is the case. The app tracks monthly spending and offers a range of categories that spending can be filed under. It organises spending through three different counters at the top of the screen that track the number of days, amount of entries and total cost.

HBL MoneyWise [Free for iOS and Android]

HBL wants to provide a one-stop for shoppers that want to keep track of spending, login to mobile banking and have the ability to find an ATM all in one place. Budgets are easy to set and expenses can be added on the go whilst shopping, and if you’re spending cash and need an ATM, it will find the nearest location.

Dollarbird [Free for iOS and Android]

This app tracks expenses using a monthly calendar format that lets you see just how much you have spent on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Once expenses are entered they show up in light grey on the day in question and it keeps a running total that shows up in bold at the end of the day. Dollarbird also includes PIN code protection to add an extra layer of safety for Black Friday shoppers.

Image Credit: Flickr (Doug88888)