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Daily deal: Fitbit Flex wristband for £45

For all you fitness fanatics out there looking for a bargain, this is a deal you need to take notice of.

Argos has reduced the price of black and pink Fitbit Flex activity-trackers to £59.99, which can be further reduced to just £45.95 by entering the code 'FIT30.'

And the deal doesn't even stop there. If you choose the Fast Pay and Collect in Store options, you'll save on postage and packaging so will be able to pick up the device for only £41.99.

The Fitbit Flex wristband has been one of the stand-out fitness trackers of 2014, maintaining its popularity in an ever-growing market. The device tracks your daily activity such as steps taken, distance travelled and calories burned, as well as measuring your sleep quality during the night.

Using all this data, you can then set goals, monitor your progress and sync all the information to your tablet, smartphone or PC. And it looks pretty cool as well.

To get this Fitbit Flex deal for yourself, click here.

As always, bear in mind that these deals are not sponsored, but are instead chosen solely because they represent, in our humble opinion, a cracking bargain.