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Foxconn to produce sapphire displays for iPhone 6S?

You can’t have missed the major fuss which has been made over Apple and sapphire glass, as many rumour mongers had expected it to appear in the new iPhone 6 – and then we had the whole GT Advanced Technologies bankruptcy affair, post-iPhone launch.

GT Advanced Technologies was Apple’s partner for sapphire screen manufacturing, but obviously all did not go to plan, and we then had GT filing for bankruptcy, announcing major job losses, and then being embroiled in a rather bitter dispute with Apple that ended in their partnership dissolving.

And now Apple is looking to a different source for sapphire displays – namely Foxconn.

According to China Economic Weekly (via MacRumors), Foxconn has signed up with Apple to manufacture sapphire displays for the next iPhone, and is building a screen producing factory on a 300 acre site in Zhengzhou. This comes on top of alleged Foxconn plans to build a similar facility in Taiwan.

Given that, by all accounts, GT let down Apple and missed technical milestones all throughout this year, eventually resulting in the iPhone 6 not having sapphire glass, it isn’t exactly surprising that Cupertino is now looking elsewhere – and to the company which is its major iPhone manufacturing partner already. Foxconn, you would imagine, can be relied upon.