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GoPro will produce its own camera-toting drone

Drones are very much in vogue these days (like the DJI Inspire 1, pictured above) , and another company is set to hop on board the bandwagon – namely GoPro, the maker of so-called action cameras (the sort you strap to your bike helmet when mountain biking, for example).

The company will puts its camera expertise to good use with its drone project, which according to the Wall Street Journal (via Techspot) will be a “multi-rotor” copter style craft (most of these things are quad copters, of course) with an HD camera on board.

The drone will be aimed at consumers and will pitch up at around the $500 to $1000 mark in the US (that’s around £320 to £640 our money).

It’s not really a surprising move, given the current popularity of drones, and indeed many folks who already own a drone attach a GoPro camera to the craft – so this is a pretty natural progression.

What’s still very up in the air (ahem) is how drones will be regulated, when it comes to both the US and the UK. Recent rumours from over in the States, however, have indicated that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is going to take a strict line with drones – with mention of a pilot’s license possibly being required for some, and limiting craft to always being in view of the operator (at least when it comes to the business side of drone usage, this is).

Exactly how the regulation landscape will pan out simply isn’t clear right now, which has to be a worry for drone makers…