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iPhone 6’s larger screen is leading to less iPad usage

Owners of the new larger-screened iPhone 6 models who also have an iPad are using their tablet less due to their new purchase, according to the developer of the Pocket app (which allows you to keep web content stored for later viewing).

Pocket has some 12 million plus users, and has blogged about the usage habits of those who have both a new iPhone 6 (or iPhone 6 Plus) and an iPad (the blog post was spotted by Trusted Reviews).

Pocket noted that with the iPhone 5S, those who owned that handset and an iPad viewed web content 55 per cent of the time on the 5S, and 45 per cent on the iPad. That is hugely different to the picture on Android, which sees 80 per cent of content viewed on a phone, versus 20 per cent on tablets. There are, of course, big Android phones and have been for a long time – and these are the sort of handsets you can comfortably view web pages or videos on.

And now the iPhone has gone up to 4.7in, and has a 5.5in phablet version, the iOS picture has changed dramatically. With the former, 72 per cent are now using the phone versus 28 per cent on their iPad, and with the iPhone 6 phablet, that rises to 80 per cent – just the same as with Android devices.

In other words, the larger your screen, the more you use it for surfing and video watching, which stands to reason – and the less you’ll use your iPad. It has to be said that the iPad still offers a far larger screen and much superior video watching experience – at least for those who don’t have an older lower-res model – but the iPhone does now sport an excellent display (particularly the phablet, which many reviewers have raved about).

The long and short of it is that many folks are now dipping into Pocket articles on their iPhone 6 before they can get home to their iPad – or even perhaps when they’re at home, as we probably shouldn’t underestimate the convenience of having your phone to hand.