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Black Friday weekend shopping frenzy kicks off

Black Friday is upon us, and the ensuing weekend of shopping, and Cyber Monday which follows it, is expected to be the biggest shopping weekend of the year.

Black Friday used to be a US-only festival of shopping, but is becoming a much stronger force over in the UK year by year, with 2014 offering some impressive bargains to be had.

According to the IBT, Argos is expecting Cyber Monday to see the most shopping activity online, with the retailer expecting in excess of five million visits to its websites and apps throughout the day. Over half those visitors will be using mobile devices, too.

This is exactly why retailers implement a ‘code freeze’ at this time of year – they can’t afford to have their site fall over even for a short interval with the amount of traffic that’s flying around.

Visa Europe has also come out and stated that it expects just over half a billion pounds to be loaded up onto its cards today – and of course, the spending will continue not just through this weekend and onto Monday, but also during the run up to Christmas.

Many retailers have some big discounts on offer and are doing the Black Friday thing for the first time, such as Sainsbury’s, with 485 stores across the country having 13 product lines with major price reductions.

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